10 Advice For Early 20s

Hiii y'all!

OK, I may sound like a senior.

And I am actually not that old.

I am 25, btw.

But I was a teenager, I was a kid, I used to be in my early 20s and what makes me think I have the right to post this are :

1. I have experience struggles

2. I have overcame those struggles

3. This is the internet (free speech FTW!)

I have a LOT to share yet I limit it to 10 simply because as a (ahem) mid 20s, I think you shouldn't to listen to too much advice as the young age are the time to explore and just be adventurous.

Without further a-do, here are some advice for you, the early 20s!

10. Take an extremely good care of your teeth.

Trust me, implant is not an option, root canal is not an option, filling is also not an option.

I have a really bad habit of not brushing my teeth when I was younger and on last year (2018, I was 24), I have to do a lot of procedure just because I did not take care of them. 🦷

Simply say, root canal is not an entirely safe procedure, it may lead to your tooth have to be taken out. And when your tooth gotta be taken out, there are more procedure, yadda yadda.

You don't want to hear it, and especially, you DON'T wanna experience it.

So brush twice a day, floss, use mouth wash, visit dentist every several months.

9. Eat healthy 🍎

I said it before and I will always say it.

The reason I say this is because eating is a habit. A habit is hard to change.

So start with a good habit. Since you are in your early 20s, why not start now?

I am actually not eating healthy and it is very hard to change this habit ☹️

8. NEVER ever believe that skin care is just a "corporate-game" to get you to spend.

Sure a lot of things and events are created by the corporate world just so that you'd spend, but skin care is NOT one of them. I actually have a youtube channel that talks about skin care (link soon!) and yes, i have personally watched several videos on how skin care is a scam etc.

I used to have the same belief and I also did not use skin care at all. My skin was fine until several years later and when there are some damages on my skin, it gets super difficult to overcome that damage. Skin care is not really so that you'd look pretty. It is basically a habit to make your largest organ stronger and protected.

I mean, it has been protecting you, shouldn't you do the same?

7. Do not be too stressed about bad thing that's happening.

Things in this life are never permanent. So don't be cooped up about how "you don't have so much friends like those other kids" or how "you're still foreveralone". Nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts forever. So relax, chill, and enjoy other things while you were young.

6. Start something, just do it! 👌

I used to start some businesses back when I was younger. I sell a lot of stuffs and I make some money enough to buy gadgets. But what people don't know is that I had been through a LOT of mistakes before that.

So, make mistakes, let anything happen, just at least START something. While you were young , mistakes won't affect so many other aspects in your life. Instead, it gets you to prepare for the future.

5. Don't let stability fool you.

As I mentioned, nothing in life is forever or permanent.

Do not let stability let you be the worse you. You got rich parents? Don't be fooled to not learn and work hard. You have reliable business already? Keep improving it or try other businesses. You got into Dean's list? Keep learning. Stability is deceitful.

4. Know the importance of taking care of your scalp.

I used to not know that I have to take care of my scalp. And I have terrible hair fall problem. I found out that this is all because of my scalp, not my hair!

So guys and girls, scalp care is important. Get products that says it is meant for your scalp.

3. Produce more than you consume.

I live by the rule : if I am not producing anything in that 1 day I am not good to consume. I think it's to strict to produce the same than you consume, so produce at least 1 thing in that day so you have the right to consume.

This is what I mean. 📺

You go to youtube, you watch a funny video. That is one consumption of media.

You go to Facebook and scroll endlessly, that is an endless amount of media you've consumed.

If you make a funny video on Youtube, that's one production.

If you post useful tips on Facebook endlessly, that is an endless amount of production.

The danger lies in the scenario where you spend way more consumption and NEVER produce. For example : spending hours scrolling facebook, watching youtube and playing game, and not producing anything on that day.

2. Choose your friends wisely

No, it is not cool to hang out with the people who do bad stuff.

Yes, you have instantly 10 friends, but that doesn't mean you're cool.

You know what's cool? Having one friend that is inspiring to do good for the society.

Don't care about you only having one friend. Trust me, it is still better than having 10 friends that will make you have a bad habit forever.

I used to think why I only have few friends while most early 20s go out to the mall and have a super good time. They always have people to talk to when they are sad while I only talk to these few friends of mine (which I am aware they are also busy)

But now I realise that all those friends that I got inspires me to do better, be better, and I'm certainly happy that they are my friends and that i surround myself with great influences. People DO influence one another especially when they are in close-relationship. So choose your friends.

1. Spend time with the meaningful people

I used to be naive and never think about the moment someone meaningful is gone forever and I truly advice this too all the early 20s out there (or anyone, basically) to spend more time with them. Once the opportunity is lost, there is no return and all you have left is regret, and regret doesn't do anything. Talk to your parents, your siblings, your true friends 👬 . Honestly, I feel so much happier spending time with meaningful people 😊

So, did you guys find this writing beneficial? Useful?

If you DO, let me know if I should write more of these!

See you in my next post 👋

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