10 Must-Watch Horror Movie


It's Halloween and the pandemic going on at the same time, what should we all do?

I would not suggest to go out to trick or trick, but if you do, remember to wear a mask and maintain physical distance ✌️

Many of us don't have much activity this year's Halloween (I mean usually we work, but since this year's Halloween falls on the weekend, so...) so as a horror fan, I collected these awesome horror movies you can binge on Halloween! These are my ultimate favorites, so I think you'll love them, too!

*The list is not ranked in order

1. It Follows (2014)

I think this horror movie has a fresh concept and super scary even without showing any weird looking creature. It uses human form throughout the entire movie, but with the back story it gives a chill 👻

It Follows talks about a curse that happens when people have sex with an 'infected' person which leads them to be able to see the creature following them all the time. In order to break the curse, they have to transmit the curse to someone else.

2. Psycho (1960)

Another classic, and (in my opinion) not something scary. Psycho is about a strange disappearance of a young lady that ultimately leads to the discovery of Bates Motel and it's weird background. Again, this is more like a drama with a horror theme to it. This movie is simple and straightforward, so you're not wasting so much time looking at the backstory, but as a viewer, you are following along as things unfold. This is perfect when you have not watched it before because of the twisted ending!

3. The Wicker Man (1973)

I love horror movies that are scary but not because of the use of excessive effects, costumes, and music. So this one is one of those movies which I think fits the description. The Wicker Man covers the journey of a policeman to an island and he soon found out a crazy ritual happening on that island. I do not want to share any spoiler, so all I can say is get your eyes glued to the screen and watch until the end 😩. In my opinion, this movie has a pretty heavy opinion on religious belief, so watch it with an open mind. Side note: do NOT watch the Wicker Man 2006 one, just watch the 1973 version, and you're all set!

4. Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Rosemary's Baby talks about..well, Rosemary's baby 😂

It tells a story of what happens before, during, and after the birth of Rosemary's baby, whose father is the devil. This is not a spoiler at all because the scare factor of this movie is to watch Rosemary not knowing and then ultimately discovering, as well as what people around her is doing to her. I have to say, Mia Farrow's acting is primarily what makes this movie super interesting!

4. Hereditary (2018)

Possibly one of the best horror movies of all time (again, just my opinion).

Hereditary talks about the trauma that is happening in a family and the uncovering of the darkest family secret. Just like Rosemary's baby, it is really interesting to watch each family member uncover the secret and each discovery makes a chilling scene. All I can say is you have to watch and see to know exactly what is this family's secret.

5. In Fabric (2018)

In Fabric talks about a haunted dress, basically. This is the dress that can kill! In Fabric may not be easy to understand, even after I watched it and watch some other people's review, I feel like my mind still in the "not responding" state!

The basic story is about the killer dress, but there is more to it. Such as why the dress is a killer dress, what's with the boutique that's selling it, and what's with the first person that wears it. It is still a really good scary horror movie to watch, and every scene is very artistically presented in a vintage-ish way, which makes this movie even more interesting!

5. Macabre (2009)

Macabre is a movie about a cannibal family. They lure their next victim by pretending to be lost and needs help. But this time, their victim is not as easy as their previous meals. Macabre is a really interesting action-packed movie that gets your heart jumping as each person tries to survive and will do anything for that. This movie is a little bit gore, but it's not something I couldn't take. If you have seen SAW, then this movie is milder than SAW.

6. The Visit (2015)

The Visit revolves around grandkids just visiting their grandparents without their mother. They went to see their grandparents alone and stayed with them for some days. During their stay, they realize something weird is happening with their grandparents.

7. Battle Royale (2001)

The ultimate classic of survival film and I don't care if this is horror, I just think this is scary as it is and totally worth watching on Halloween night! Battle Royale is a movie about a game competition where all students in the school can kill whoever just to survive and ultimately becomes the one single winner. This is action-packed and gets people who watch this to be somewhat panic (even if we are not playing). Not only that, this movie is filled with emotions too, in some scenes, you will sort of feeling what the character's feeling.

8. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a movie about a father and son who is working in a mortuary trying to do an autopsy of an unknown female body which they simply called Jane Doe. The woman is dead but at a glance, there is nothing seemingly wrong in her body, it looks as if there is no reason for her to be dead until they started the autopsy, and many weird things and shocking discoveries began to unravel. The Autopsy of Jane Doe has some sightings of ghostly figures, so if you love spiritual ghostly horror movie type, this is for you!

9. The Babadook (2014)

The Babadook talks about a monster that lives in a house and slowly destroys a woman and her son's life. The sight of Babadook is rare in this movie, but once you see it, you can't forget how scary it is! I love this movie because not just a scream fest, this movie actually has some deeper meaning behind it, that I think is just lovely.

10. Pengabdi Setan /Satan's Slaves (2017)

Pengabdi Setan talks about when a sick mother in a family dies. Turns out, the trauma is not over for the mourning family she left behind. One by one, weird things started to happen after her death which leads to the discovery of her big secret. This movie has ghost sightings and they are really scary, not for the weak heart!

Honorable Mentions!

I love love love horror movies, so there is just no way to mention 10 good horror movies! These are the classics and interesting ones that I think you might also enjoy :

  1. Danur (There are Danur and Asih, its sequel)

  2. The Shining

  3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  4. Halloween (1978)

  5. The Purge

  6. Carrie (2002) - This is the best version imo

  7. Poltergeist

  8. The Blair Witch Project

  9. Se7en (1995)

  10. The Orphanage (2007)

  11. Invisible Man (2020)

  12. The Boy (2016)

  13. Gonjiam : Haunted Asylum

I hope you enjoy this great horror film's recommendation!

Happy Halloween! 🎃


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