20 Accounts You Need toFollow RIGHT NOW if You Love UI/UX Design!

image of a retro windows instagram created by Mikhail Petrik

Do you love designing a great user experience and awesome visual?

Me too!

Therefore, I encourage you guys to start following these accounts on your social media!

I love surfing around social media and I love enriching my mind with more knowledge.

I have a strict rule for myself that every single day I have to at least learn 5 things. Whether it is design related, life, attitude, behavior, religion, science, politics. Anything! At least 5!

It is easy to implement yet super effective.

Knowledge is just a scroll away!

20. badbad_ux

This account is hilarious and enducating at the same time! I have to be honest, I didn't actually get a proper education about UI/UX as I am self learning in this. So before I saw this account, I have NO IDEA that several of the photos posted are bad ux! Thank goodness I am way past that period!

19. thefuturishere

I mean, come on. This is the Futur! They are the greatest in terms of covering everything about design, business design, and one of the topics they like to cover is also related to UI/UX Design! Go follow them now and thank me later!

18. Youtube : Adobe Creative Cloud

Not only the awesome products, they also got real awesome livestreams of designers going through process of creating their work and talking about it. My working habit actually much improved after watching the livestreams. They cover so much and obviously UI/UX, App, web design is one of them!

17. kalypsodesigns

Kalypso is an amazing UI/UX Designer based in Abu Dhabi that loves to share design guides in his Instagram everyday. I promise you that his posts will blow your mind.

16. uxbucket

Are you looking for cool visual inspiration for your new web/app project? Head on to this account and take a look at 200+ inspirations of web/app design

15. hellotegra

Hellotegra is actually a growth agency but they love to share their knowledge about UI/UX Design to everyone! They answers most commonly asked questions about UI/UX Design and the rare ones as well so people from any background can enjoy their content and learn at the same time.

14. inspirationfordesigners

Pretty similar to UXBucket, it gives a lot of inspirations for cool interface.

13. uxuimaster

Reno James, the account owner has 15+ experience in design and marketing and he is on Instagram to share his knowledge for free!

12. satisfied_user

Want to see the real process as well as the outcome of great UI/UX Designs? In this account you can see sketches, wireframe, finish product, basically from A to Z of design process!

11. frontend_dev_

Amir Dadgar is a front end developer as well as a UI/UX Designer so he knows the best of both worlds and what's better is, he is also sharing his awesome work and tips+tricks on the instagram!


This is the account you have to follow for you perfectionists! Bazen Agency loves to share tips on how to perfect your typo game as well as other detailed stuff nobody told you about!

9. bojanovakovic

Do you love feedback and opinions? Then Bojanovakovic is the man! Not only he gives away tips and tricks to be better at UI/UX, he can also review your design and give his professional take! So follow him and never miss out on the chance being reviewed!

8. designer.pd

Need more UI inspirations? Say no more, fam! This account is loaded with cool UI inspirations!

7. nativux

More UI inspirations! I think there is no too much UI inspirations, don't you think so too?

6. Facebook : Design Synopsis

They post cool articles about UI/UX Designs and any other design as well. Like them to get fresh new articles everyday!

5. @zanderwhitehurst

Do you find yourself struggling to read books? Zander's tips are decorated in a super fun and colorful way that will make you look and interested!

4. @eggsvans

If you want to dig deeper to the more complicated terms and theories, Evan can totally help you with her instagram! Scroll away and read the theories in a non boring way!

3. @design.gems

This account is filled with information that are super useful and can help so much in your UI/UX journey!

2. Uxgioto

There is not much posts at the moment, but I find it super interesting to see the real life case study of some of the best companies that make great product!

1. Tubik Studio


It is filled with case studies, theory explained, expert's opinion, and inspirations!

They have Linkedin, facebook, all kinds of social media, so make sure to follow them to not miss out on the latest blog post.

So that is all the accounts you MUST follow if you love everything about UI/UX. Just as a disclaimer, I am not in any way sponsored by any of the accounts mentioned (I wish!) , they are all truly my faves and I think you guys can benefit so much from following them.

See you guys in the next blog post!

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