5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming a UI/UX Designer

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If you are not yet a UI/UX Designer, I encourage you to try and see how it goes.

I get that it is not for everyone, but maybe, just maybe, it is right for you!

Here are 5 reasons why :

1. Detail oriented

Well all designers need to be detail oriented, but this is a next level detail oriented yo! I was a multimedia designer and graphic designer before, and I have been detail oriented. But when I became UI/UX Designer in a startup, I learned that details that matter is not visually, it is not something you can see. Instead, it is something you feel. If you can feel it, users can definitely feel it.

2. Understand people more

Being a UI/UX Designer, I learned to understand people more from data. How was their reaction, what is the spots commonly seen by them, why aren't they look at the things I intend them to see, and why is it that something that we think should go this way doesn't end up as our plan.

It makes it so much easier to connect with people, honestly. *Thanks, data lol*

3. You learn to be as minimal as possible.

In a busy busy world, people like simplicity more (says the person who write blog instead of making a video lol). So being a UI UX Designer teaches me to be as simple as possible and get rid of anything unnecessary as much as I can. It sounds easy. But then again, usually things that sound easy are actually the complete opposite.

4. Making people's life easier!

There's nothing more I love than making people's life easier. Imagine this, if you own a public transport company and you can build a super fast train that brings a lot of people to anywhere they want to go in just 10 seconds/station, wouldn't you be very happy about that? In this case, well, it is not as big as that. But seeing people can automate certain things they previously find tedious to do, it makes my

5. It motivates you to keep being better.

Here's the thing about UI/UX Design. It can never be a complete project. It is an ongoing project for the rest of your life (at least until your contract with the company ends). You always have to read the data and find out what is lacking and then take it from there. It is ever evolving and it teaches you to keep improving in almost any matters in your life.

So, what do ya think? Is UI/UX starting to sound good to you?

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