5 Ways to Choose the Best Freelance Designer for your Business!

So, you have a great idea and you want someone to convey it visually. Whether it is a product, a form of entertainment, or even a layout for your website/app!

There are millions of designer to choose from, how to know which one is the best? Here's 5 ways how!

photo credit Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash

1. Look at the portfolio

There is nothing more accurate than looking at the portfolio as a starter! Here's how you look at their portfolio : Analyze and spot; define what kind of design you want and spot it in their portfolio! For example, if you wanted a packaging design of a biscuit, see if they have done anything similar. I suggest to take designer that produced a good packaging design, unless you know this designer personally well, of course, and unless this designer agreed to charge you cheap because he/she wanted to learn.

The other way to spot is also in terms of style. If you want a specific luxurious style, see in their portfolio if they did luxurious style design before.

2. Ask about the specific artwork

So you've analyze and spot the artwork that is similar to what you wanted. Now, how to know that this designer really did that artwork? I mean, anyone can just take pictures from anywhere and see it, so how do you know it's legit?

Ask them.

No, don't ask them, "did you really do this?".

Ask them, how did you do this one? what is the idea? How can you come up with this idea? How was the process? What was the challenge in making this project?

If the answers are super unclear, then you know, chances are they did just take the pic somewhere and claim it as theirs :(

3. NO free sample!

This is to break the traditional way of unprofessional clients in the past when they wanted to hire a designer, they ask them, "can you do it first and let me see how it goes?"

This is an unethical way because there is no such thing as free sample on designer. They are squeezing every brain juice to make your free sample, and if it is no good, no one will pay them for their hard work. So, never consider the free sample technique.

4. Be upfront about budget and time.

Being honest in this case is a really good way to go! I understand as a person who just started a business can't really spend thooousands of $ for a design, so make it clear to them upfront. They might negotiate with you, but if the deal is still too expensive, let them know and find others that can work well with your limited time and budget.

Do ask what is the agreement behind this price. It could be the designer you are interested in is asking for a small fee because he/she can only accept 2 revisions, or maybe he/she just wanted to get the learning experience, so you should really lower your expectation.

There is always quality behind the price. If you are negotiating the price you can pay, try to accept the reduced quality as well.

5. Learn about their personality.

In the end, it is not all about the output. You are also paying for the service. It would be a nightmare when your designer can't communicate with you, refuse to answer your emails/WhatsApp, and dragging the deadline. So do learn about their personality, too.

Ask them something like this : what is your most favorite project you have ever done? What do you do in your free time? Who is the most challenging client you've worked with? or Why did you choose to learn design?

Be friendly and know them more, I am sure they want to know more about you, too.

It would be a pleasure if your designer you're working with is also your friend! So treat them like a friend :D

So there you go! These are the 5 ways to choose the best designers out of millions of designers out there! I hope you guys find this article useful, and don't hesitate to leave a comment :)

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