10 Other Lessons I Learn Other Than Not Wasting By Trying To Live Zero Waste

Cue the word "Trying"

Yes, I am actually still in the trial version of living zero waste.

And I started it not too long ago. I started around November 2018.

I still throw stuffs, but it is reduced slightly.

I have learned some lessons so far, and I am sure other zero wasters have learned so much more than me!

So in this post I just wanted to share the good things you will also learn by trying to practice zero waste lifestyle!

1. I learn how to plan better

Going out to buy groceries? Make sure to know if you are going to pack some food along the way cause you gotta bring them food containers! So in other words, you gotta plan properly and being zero waste will make u a great planner.

2. I learn that not all trash is trash

I learned so much use of my trash that I actually should keep them! I see them as valuables now, especially those raw vegs and fruit waste that may be good for my DIY compost bin.

Did you know that your used cooking oils can be used to make soaps?? *mindblown

3. I learn to manage my money

Being zero waste also means to buy things wisely. Questions like "Do you actually need it?" may pop out more often now that you are zero waste. It manages your financial better too!

4. I learn so many cool DIY projects

I gotta be honest in this one. I did do a lot of DIY projects but they all end up failing and failing which resulted me in throwing more waste (yikes!). It happens for any DIY projects. Yeah you know the Hows but do you really know how? There will be pop up obstacles along the way, and the only way to get rid of it once and for all is to keep trying and succeed.

5. I learn so many dirty tricks in business

I am talking about unnecessary packagings that are dangerous to the earth that adds the costs to your item price. Simply put, I bought my own trash.

6. I learn that there is more behind it

All the environment issues that have been going on for years but only now I know thanks to zero waste.

7. Never trust the word "recyclable" or something like that

Recyclable plastic bags? It used to make me feel better. Not anymore. The thing is, they may be recyclables, but do they leave micro plastics in the soil or sea? Are they recyclable in tens of years instead of hundreds? Hard pass for me.

8. It is more hygiene to use my your own container

I love how I wash my own container, I know how clean it is and I use it to contain my food takeaways rather than those new Styrofoams or plastics that I don't know when is the last time they got washed or how they are produced. Sure some are produced in clean facility, but what about the distribution and other process?

9. I learn how to detect better quality items

To be zero waste, I have to know that the items I am buying have a long lasting quality to prevent from unrepairable damages! Indirectly, I research how to spot better quality items thanks to zero waste living.

10. I learn how to fix items instead of throw it away

I honestly have not fix anything yet as I haven't got anything of mine broken (I did reformat my laptop a while ago, does it count?). But I did read articles and watch several videos to prepare myself if any items of mine are broken and how to fix or upcycle it.

What do you think of zero waste lifestyle ? Have you tried it? Are you ready for it?

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