8 REAL Advice From Women That Woke Me Up

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Heyy it is International Women's day (in my time zone) !!

You know, I am looking forward to days like this because I'd like to be reminded of how events or people or things actually mean a lot to all of us' lives!

Over time I get advice from women all around the world, doesn't matter it is a friend, someone I met online, someone I saw the post online, or even my family. They all makes me strong and stronger with life and I thought maybe if I can share it with all of you guys it would make you guys get stronger in life, too!


"I got through with dad's passing, it was the saddest event in my life. You are my daughter, so I believe you can go through anything!" - My Mother

Honestly, I cried when my mother sent this advice to me from WhatsApp. I got so caught up in life I forgotten how strong and powerful she is. Since she had said it, I think I should never underestimate my own power.


"Why are bad things keep happening to you could be because you haven't learn from it." - My sister

It woke me UP! Like, heeyy that makes sense. It could really because I have not learn a single thing from any bad events that happened to me.


"When you think your life is at the lowest point, the only direction to go is UP" - Liyana Fandey, my colleague in Speedrent

I learned this really at the lowest point in my life and I think so so many people deserve to hear this.


"Don't be afraid to try! The more you have a fail, the more you will feel nothing about it" - My Mother

I used to be the kind of person that does NOT want to move on from failures. I spent so much time making things perfect and I didn't regard that other people will have different opinion and sometimes you fail not because your performance. I never wanted to try, I always want to make things perfect. To me, losing were not an option. After hearing this advice, I take some failures as something that makes me stronger and I feel nothing about it.


"OK, you got bullied. So, you want to kill yourself, over THEM?" - My Sister

Technically, this is not an advice. But it does lift my life up. I was bullied in high school because..well, I actually never know the reason, but it could be because they have nothing better to do, and thinking picking on a shy and quiet girl is a good idea? Or maybe because my nose was big? Lol, I have no idea. That is why I felt my life was super unfair and unlucky and one day in my high school time I decided to kill myself. And when my sister popped this question, I woke up and I thought I can't give them what they want, which is suffering. I decided I need to lift my live and live happily. Apparently, my smile tells them otherwise, that I may be shy and quiet, but I am also powerful and takes control of my life.


" There’s strength in knowing that even in destruction, God is building something better for you." - Rania Naim

When time passes by, I always forgot to remind myself that I have a good God that takes care of me. I am always keep myself updated about the stuff in earth but not so much on my faith. Sometimes when trial and tribulation comes I only remember Him. This advice is there to remind myself that I am never lost, and those bad things that had happened is not here to make me lose faith but instead to strengthen it! I gotta always keep my faith and I need to remember not to doubt Him.


" I am sorry to remind you but complaining is the least effective way to lift your mood and achieve your goals. " - Liza Varvogli

I heard this quote when I was browsing around Thought Catalog pretty recently. In this article, it talks about the secret to maintain positive outlook, which is always a good lesson to learn, every one of us needs to be positive thinking, always. I do complain once in a while, especially when fast food is not what its supposed to be, fast. Jokes aside, we all complain. It is ok to complain once in a while, but I do think complaining is not doing anything better, at all. In fact, it does yourself worse. Let this quote remind myself never to complain.


"Take good care of yourself. Seriously, it is not worth the hospital bill." - My mother

When I was a student, I did not have much money and I did not want to ask for more money from my parents because I think I shouldn't be. I end up not taking care of myself. I eat cheap snacks to replace regular meal. My body was way underweight, my face looks like skeleton with skin with teeth popping out. Nobody says all those chips are healthy and they are indeed not. I might save money at that moment but I need to remember that I will splurge way way more in the future in the hospital bill if I keep having that lifestyle. I think this is worth to mention to other people. You don't have to be gym fanatics to be healthy. Just don't eat too much junk food no matter what. Keep yourself healthy with whatever you eat. It really is not worth the hospital bill.

Yep, a lot of these advice is from my mother! I always tell her whatever happened to me and she always want me to overcome everything by being a strong woman she always want me to be. She truly cares about me. So this international women's day, give thanks to the awesome women you know, share your love with them and remember to appreciate them every day, not just today!

Have a great day, people!

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