8 Tricky Work Situations and How to Handle Them!

Sometimes we get to a difficult situation at work and wonder, "how should I deal with this??".

Often times, people choose to be quiet, sometimes, they fight back with a clever response, and there are also times that they use that difficult situation to gang up and try to gain more attention.

There is no perfect or right way to handle difficult situations and everyone gets a different kind of context.

But what I am going to share with you today is how to rescue yourself (in a way) and get on the safe side!

If you are a thrill-seeking person, maybe this is not for you.

I do consider myself able to give suggestions for work situations because I think I did well so far. I did solve my own problems and until now I have good relationship with my ex companies/colleagues/bosses.

Situation 1

"Someone talks bad behind me and I heard it! What to do?"

My suggestion :

just ignore it. Pretend nothing ever being said.

Sometimes people are emotional, and when they are frustrated they say bad stuff and try to blame other people. Sometimes, people are immature and try to stir up drama, sometimes people try to bring other people down.

Look, whatever their reason of talking bad behind you, it is not important.

It really doesn't matter what they think.

If you do have a problem that affects work, they should tell you directly, or else how are you gonna know? If they want to use a passive-aggressive nonprofessional way, then so be it. You can be passive-aggressive too and choose to ignore.

If this is your management that do it or your boss. Be careful, as this is a sign of a very bad management. Usually, this kind of company is troublesome, hard to work with. You might want to look for a better company out there.

Situation 2

Boss keeps blaming me for stuff that are not my fault!

My suggestion :

Explain yourself. Honestly, speak up to your boss and explain what's the real situation. Be objective and don't blame other people when it indeed is your fault. If you choose to be silent and take all the blame, this is usually not a good move. Because you are seen as the problem and in the future, they might fire the wrong person. Remember that people are not mind readers. Your boss can't read your mind and they are usually too busy to pick up subtle cues. So speak clearly, tell them what really happened.

The situation is, of course, different if your boss doesn't allow you to speak at all.

Situation 3

"I don't like the work I produced in this company"

My suggestion :

Here's the bitter truth. Most of the time, people don't like the work they produced in the company they work in. Sometimes, even higher ups and director level people still encounter this situation. There are probably a few out of many many work they produced for the company that they actually like.

So if you don't like your work in this company here are some suggestions :

1, try talking to your management and tell them how you are unhappy and seek help if there's anything they can do for you. 2. Start a personal project or learn something new that n=might excite you. 3. Find other job or workplace that miiightt make you happy

I don't usually recommend solution 3 unless it is companies by other major problem. If everyone who doesn't like their work changes job, you might find lots of people move job every few months!

Also, there is a high possibility that the other company fixes your current problem but start another cause of unhappiness. So, it's not worth it to move job just because you don't like your work, in my opinion.

Situation 4

"I work in illegal operating company. I know it's wrong but I needed money"

My suggestion :

Run. Away. Now.

You should never get involved in illegal business no matter how much you need money.

The risk is just too big to bear. It's better that you have no money at all rather than having to bear the risk.

Think about it.

Since they operate illegally, how sure that you are gonna get paid? Maybe this month you get the salary, what about next month?

What if they get busted? You might go to jail. And the danger of going to jail is really not fun. The record stays forever, it's gonna impact so badly for the rest of your life. You'd have very limited rights if you have been in jail.

Never let money take a toll on you.

Situation 5

"Ugh, this company and the people is so political!"

My suggestion :

Ask yourself, how does it affect you?

If it actually affects you greatly such as it costs you your job and got fired, you should probably report them to the higher up and set yourself straight.

If it doesn't really affect you greatly, just focus on your work.

There really is no point in caring about politics.

Some people don't wanna be in the "victim" side and play along. They soon might find themselves being so good at this political game.

I think that playing politics at work is not worth it.

Sure you might get some benefits because of this. Faster promotion, maybe?

But remember that you don't work there forever. You don't work there until you are on your 80s. Sometimes company changed management, sometimes financial crisis strike and suddenly all your effort got wiped out. Most of the time we work in a company for several years and that is a really small fraction of our life. Is playing politic can actually ensure you to have good life forever after? I personally don't think so. I have seen people playing politic at the workplace. I didn't participate and I don't know if I were a victim or not.

I don't care basically. But I do notice they are not having that much of a better life anyway. They had fun at work, yeah. I don't know about you but I can have fun without having to do politics. My source of fun doesn't have to come from work. I don't really need to have fun at work.

Situation 7

"I am too shy to talk in meeting"

My suggestion :

If what you're about to say actually related to the meeting topic, please speak up.

I used to be quiet at meeting and super scared of people think super weirdly about me. Yes, i been there. And sometimes when I do say something, someone smashed me directly with their response. It happens to everyone all the time actually.

Part of growing up is actually take in the bad situation and deal with it.

If you keep being shy and only want good things to happen to you. Trust me when I say you are going to be on the same level forever and always.

Sorry to be hurtful but this is... the truth!

Please speak up and talk. You have any questions, ask. You have an idea, say it.

Situation 8

"My colleague did something that is wrong, should I speak up?"

My suggestion :

Depends on what scale it is.

Is it something that is minor and can be solved with a small discussion? If so, there is no point of saying it in public. You might be a colleague, but remember to be kind to people not just because they are your colleague. Be kind regardless who they are. You're not working with them forever but you might be forever be their friend or someone they used to know. My point is, there is life outside of work. They have life outside of work. I always say 1000 friends is too little and 1 enemy is too much. So try not to make enemy by actions that can be prevented.

However, if it is something wrong that might endanger other people or criminals or cost the company a lot of money, try to say it with the human resource first and get their opinion on what to do.

Speaking about someone else's fault in public is just not really a good way to solve things, most of the time.

I hope these suggestions can actually help you at work!

If you have any other situation you can ask me in my email at , I reply fast!

Thanks for reading, see you in my next post 👋 !!

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