Credit or not to credit?

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash. Artist in the image : @mrdoodle

Here's the biggest questions among new designers, "Should I credit THIS image?"

You may get from ,, or even photos from and all those similar sites. It is free and licensed for us to use, so why should we go all the way and credit them and ruin the artwork?

Here's my thought about this.

We credit to protect everyone.

Ourselves. The creator. The company we are representing. The art industry.

Also, if you don't want to ruin your artwork from crediting, there are so many ways to creatively credit your image source, and I think that is a great challenge for us designers to solve.

For my benchmark, I credit when I did not do much changes to the existing artwork, which I usually don't do.

As an example, If I download a vector from and change the yellow dress to pink, I have to credit the owner in the caption.

However, most cases, I took the image and change a lot of parts to make it hardly resembles the original vector I downloaded. I draw some additional vectors, I change the style, I add so many elements I got from other. I make it MY style.

So, yeah, I am lazy to credit the owner, because I usually wanted to credit myself. I add so many things that makes it mine. I wanted to tell people that I created this. I did got help from these artists as the base but I grow and improvise to make this my style, my idea. Ugly or beautiful, it is still my idea, my composition, my style.

Btw guys, I don't really put my own illustrations in blogs, I just put images from free stock photos and credit them. I just want to put more weight in the content I am writing and less on the image, hope you guys understand lol!

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