FREE Download : TOP 10 sans serif fonts to get you started!

So you just decided to be a graphic/digital designer?

Congratulations, and I am so happy to welcome you into the design world!

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I remember when I was a beginner, I have absolutely no clue about designing, and the first software I use was COREL Draw, and then Photoshop, and then Illustrator, etc.

When I was starting out, I did not know there are so many fonts you can use to customise and support your design, and when I know about it, I have so much fonts to choose, so many free fonts to download, they all look beautiful and just..gorgeous!

But you know the drill. It looks great on the preview, it might not look good and suitable for your design.

Therefore, I am giving you guys 10 sans serif fonts to starting out. These are the fonts a lot of designers and companies choose to make their design looks stunning, readable, and legible. Trust me on this one.

How to get the font?

1. Go here

2. Fill in your email in the subscription box.

3. That is it! You'll get the download link right into your email.

You guys may asked, why sans serif??

Well, it is true, there are so many font types you need for your awesome works, definitely not just sans serif. But let's start from sans serif first, and I will send more download links to my subscribers! So, join now! It's really cool XD

*p.s. if you don't know how to install fonts, it is easy!

Windows :

1. Go to control Panel, find "Font"

2. Drop the .otf or .tff files into the Font window.

3. Wait for it to load and then launch your designing software!

Apple :

1. Just double click on the .otf or .tff files, that is it!

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