[Discuss] How to look like a Designer

Hello guyss! So happy to see you here again, welcome, welcome!

In today's post, I wanted to highlight some questions I discussed with my fellow artists.

How to look like a designer?

Look like a designer? like what kind, you ask?

The type that wears trendy clothes, looks artistic, creative. You just would think that person is a designer at the first glance!

I actually got an advice to look like one, back in the college. My lecturer told us to look like one because the art blood needs to run in your life and be reflected on your daily basis.

So I took that advice, I transformed my wardrobe, I bought all the clothes with my limited student fund and I slightly look more..creative?

The journey did not end there, I also went around the web and see style inspirations and whatever. I look at the way most of my lecturers dress, my fellow colleague, too.

I did make myself look more unique in a way and I convinced people to think that I INDEED am a designer!

Well they are not wrong, I am one. But somehow, it was just not my habit to look that flashy. I felt..wrong?

I know being fashionable is not wrong. But in my heart I believe this is not my style and this is not me being true to myself.

I kept doing what I don't really like to the point where I work for a little longer and I met artists who doesn't look like a designer but their talent is out of this world, all around amazing and they inspired me!

One example is Michael Bierut. To be honest, not to shade or anything, but he dress more professional. He might not be the trendy looking designer but he is positively a really talented, amazing, genius, designer.

I stopped wearing clothes that is not very me and I decided to wear clothes I love. I start to only buy the ones that suits my personality, I started to spend more on quality than to follow the trend. And I started to feel happy.

So, according to my experience, it is not a must for a designer to look like one.

When I go for interview/meeting the client, I did dress my best, but not to the point of I change to my 'alter ego' or a totally different person like it is not me.

What do you guys think of this topic? Let me know in the comments section of wherever you see this post lol. Let's talk!

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