I Have No Shame And I am Not Ashamed of It

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say what?

lol ok I know, it is confusing. But let's take this slow and understand what is going on here.

"What, so you mean no shame in doing something wrong?"

No, that is not what I meant!

What I mean is that don't be ashamed of doing/starting something GOOD for either you or the society.

OK here, let me explain.

You see, it takes time for something to be fully grown into something people want to see.

If you don't get it, here's a simple situation to describe what I mean :

Nobody wants to see a seed in a soil. They all want to see the flower or the fruit of it. Probably if you tell your uncle that you got the rarest apple seed in that particular soil, your uncle's gonna say "uh-uh, yup, that's cool" like he just saying it to be..nice.

But, when the seed is finally a RARE apple fruit that is worth a lot of money, your uncle's gonna be trippin' !!!

You see what I'm saying?

It is not wrong to plant a apple seed just like it is never wrong to try something new that is good for either you or the society.

I know you are afraid that people will think : "what the hell are you doing" or maybe if you apparently fail one day, it is such an embarrassing experience, but let's not be ashamed for trying something good, ok.

Like I said, it is never wrong. So what are you shameful for?

The people who talk about you should actually be shameful for making fun of your failure because hey, at least you tried. What about them? They didn't even have the courage to try.

Don't be ashamed. Be proud.

But most importantly, be patient.

If you fail at something, keep trying. Maybe change the strategy a little bit and see the result. Maybe try to pay for a service you've never use. Maybe try to ask that cousin of yours who successfully did it.

Always love drumming that you didn't get it right since last time? Maybe try to pick up those sticks and see if the current and latest version of you can try it again in a better way.

Always wish you were talented in singing? Maybe with your current lifestyle had made it possible for you to practice often.

Always wish you could start that business you've always wanted? Maybe now there are way more suppliers that offer cheaper solution.

The greatest thing you do to yourself is to give yourself more chance.

See, now you must have get what I mean to "have no shame".

Hey, I get it. It takes time to wipe shame off your heart after countless failures you encountered.

But let me tell ya : It is great to have no shame and if you start even later on, you are missing out!

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