My First Personal Project!

Do you feel old seeing Adobe Photoshop cs 5 ?

Did you know that..


(Happy 20th Blog post to me yay)

Honestly I could NOT believe it because when I started writing blog on February 2019, my prediction was that I will start this passionately and then left it to rot because I figure I will be busy and I will not write anymore. I bet to myself that I would only write 5 blog posts lol.

And I have 20 blog posts now? Say whaaat

OK so to do something kinda different, I figure I should probably share photos of my work back in the day.

I can honestly tell you guys that my work was not good back in college. I was not an exceptional student, I was mediocre. I had a pretty lousy attitude and habit, I was lazy as hell.

Ugh, if I could just scold my 20year old self!

So I did come a long way.

I had tremendous change in attitude, habit, way of thinking, and especially my design skill. I guess you can see how much I have changed in 5 years based on my artworks lol.

(side note : I do believe artists' work represents a lot about themselves!)

My first ever personal project was my own resume.

I needed it to get an internship.

So without further a do, here it is...

I even left some marks there after reviewing it

*wash your eyes afterwards

It was laughed at by my friend, and what in my mind was that I have no idea how to make it better! Therefore, I kept it anyway.

Long story short, I asked my lecturers to help me make it better and he gladly did. He was super kind and helpful. I honestly could not point out the fact that there were too much fonts, inconsistent style found in this one single page until he told me.

This is what it looked like after my lecturer taught me how to improve it.

do you think this is way better?

I could not believe what went to my mind that time but I don't really care anymore as I have realised it by now and I make significantly better art work now.

Looking back, I could only laugh and thinking "wow, I really did grow so much in 2 years!"

I don't know where the file of this design is at now. I might have replaced it. So I keep this printed version tight and secured!

Here's a side by side look of my resume design then vs now!

still bad? lol ok

What do you guys think?

Did I actually get better in 2 years ?

Do you believe that artists reflects their personality and belief in their artwork?

Do you still keep he vintage artworks?

Show it off, please!

Till next time.

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