My Life Update!

Image credit to : Jill Heyer

Hey all! Long time not writing here!

Here's my life update :

I got a new full time job as a UI/UX Designer, a position I've alwaysss dreamt of

..and what's better is

that I work for an app and website agency that is super amazing and have various types of clients for me to work with. So I can solve so many problems during my working time here :)

I am so sorry I haven't been writing much lately as I need to focus on my new job, there are lots of things to catch up on, lots of things to learn (especially for a fresh UI/UX Designer as I am)

So far, it was amazing!

I like being a UI/UX Designer, and I really think my background as a graphic designer really helped a lot.

Am I happy?

Yes. Yes I am.

And I am proudly saying that

Sure in any job there are some things that doesn’t work the way you wish for it to be but so does everything in life, ya know?

There's always ups and downs in life. I am experiencing some, but so far I am enjoying it and I actually like to be corrected instead of being softly spoken and remain wrong (if that makes sense?)

So, yeah, I have been deep diving in this UI/UX and truly learning it to be a professional in it.

How about you? Let me know your life update in the comment. Let's check in on each other ya?

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