My Life Update #2

Hello everyone! This is Leni talking to everyone out there as a friend. So if you are looking for UX Design related post, this is not the one.

I posted my last life update probably 8 months ago. And from there, I get to start conversation with my friends and get to know their life update, too. So I thought this is fun! If you are reading this, let me know how are you doing!

As we all know the pandemic hits the world recently and we are all under lockdown.

I am still working as a UX Designer in an app/web agency. Even though right now almost all Malaysia companies can operate as usual, my company still wanted us to work from home and so we still do that.

Initially I hate it, I was trapped inside the house, it was not a good feeling.

But now I got used to it and in fact, I love working from home 💕

While I work and stay at home, I discovered and strengthen a lot of things, such as :

  1. I started my YouTube channel long time ago and now I got to make more videos and edit it.

  2. I make a lot more DIY projects. I make more miniatures, I make more foods, so many things, I don't even remember!

  3. my relationship with my family gets strengthen cause they are also forced to stay at home and therefore when we have a video call, everyone is there. Usually I'd call my sister and talk to her only.

  4. I discovered a lot of old but gold movies. This is so amazing and I can't wait to watch more!

  5. I read more books. My employer gave all of us a book to learn more about our expertise and now I finally got the time to read it. I also read other book such as from Jordan Peterson. I am not a book kind of person, so it is veeeryyy slow for me to finish a book!

They are very standard things, right? I mean a lot other people have this same answers, I bet.

Hey anyway, I just turned 26 few weeks ago, and I already feel old hahaha

Sometimes we might feel like "Hey I am xx years old, how come I haven't accomplish these?"

Yep, me too!

I am sad to say I haven't accomplish sooo many things such as travelling to more countries, have certain number of friends, have own business, etc.

Especially about the travel part, because I have only been to 3 countries so far and they all occurred when I was small. I love travelling so much (just like everyone my age) but I don't have the money 😭 however, I do consider myself lucky that I got to work in other country.

Let's talk about Youtube channel! I am so excited to talk about it.

I started my channel probably last year (although technically, my first video uploaded was 11 years ago) where I talk about things that I think I have good knowledge about. It's still not up to my satisfaction, that is why I don't share it out with a lot of people. At least my family and friends know it. They since have supported me tremendously and it keeps me motivated to make more videos.

I also love the viewers and people who commented on my video, I am super excited when I see their comment on my video!

If I remember the first time ever I made a video, it didn't even got published at all because I am just really nervous even though I only speak to a camera. And back then I didn't share to anyone at all, not even my boyfriend at the time. I was really really shy and nervous! ☺️

But I got a lot better now. It is much easier to speak to a camera now although I still need a few more takes. I think making youtube video actually made me grow more confidence in myself and get my brain juice flowing because I have to generate content and talk about it.

Speaking of Youtube, recently I saw a band I used to love when I was a teenager reunited and make music again, so that's a really happy moment for me!

The band I was talking about is Alice Nine. Back when I was a teenager, I am an emo kind of girl (I know 😔 ) so I love rock bands and everything Japanese. I don't anymore, but that was my past that I cherish and I'd never hide it to anyone.

Despite all these good stuffs, I still have bad stuffs too in my life. I don't mean to jinx everyone, I was just sharing so that you'd know I am not a perfect 100% happy human hahaha

I still have fears that I don't wanna tell other people, so I only tell fears that I am comfortable to talk about here!

First, I still have no idea how would I handle the death of my dog. I honestly see him not as a pet, but rather my son, it's just that he's a dog, not a human. I believe many people have this fear if you are an animal lover. I sometimes woke up at night crying because I imagine him gone.

Speaking of dead animal, last year (around December 2019), I tried to rescue a cat on my holiday but at last she couldn't make it. Even just knowing her for few days, I am deeply hurt by her death.

Animals will also die one day, just like us. So like it or not, we have to be prepared for their death. Especially my dog, he is old and he is 13 years old! So the possibility of his soon death is quite big 😔

So that's me! How about you?

Let me know in the comment down below or just talk to me via whatever channel you have been talking to me with.


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