My Take on Accenture VS Hertz Case

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Hello! Welcome back to my blog, where I talk about design, and any other things interesting.

Today, we're gonna talk about BOTH.

It is about design and it is interesting.

Some of you may have heard news circulating the web that Accenture- a consulting and professional services firm (kind of like a 360 agency)- flopped in the website revamp project for Hertz- a car rental company- which resulting in USD 32mil of a total chaos.

Here's what claimed to happened :

1. There's an agreement to revamp Hertz website

2. Accenture delayed the project 3 times (dec 2017, jan 2018 and aug 2018)

3. Accenture designed the website that only works desktop and mobile, and not tablet or any other device (they agreed to do it later on but Hertz gotta pay extra)

4. Hertz asked for the revamp on the website globally, yet only North America website gets the revamp.

5. Hertz asked for a style guide in pdf but was asked to pay more if they want the pdf version of the style guide as the current style guide is an editable format one.

6. Accenture basically replaced the old codes of the website with the 'sucky' new one which cannot be reverted back cause it was so bad.

If you wanna see the detailed version, read it here.

Hertz 's current website design at the time of writing.


I know what you guys are thinking, that this is horrible.

But, hold your horses and let's think objectively.

I am a designer myself, and I think if this is really what happened, Accenture is so unprofessional.

But on the other hand, I would like to point out that the news source said "allegedly" and the only document we have is the lawsuit. So until this point of me writing, I could not confirm this actually happened and there is still no response from Accenture found.

I did read this post from a software engineer, Francesco Napoletano, this is no news to him and that it is actually many companies are also charging millions for nothingness to the client. However, I would like to highlight that not all agencies are that way. I personally worked with some agencies that actually give more than what was agreed to, which I find myself proud to work with them.

In this case, I am not supporting or rooting for either party until I get a confirmation.

Well, I am hoping that there IS a further confirmation as I did see some cases like this got drifted away with absolute 0 response or they could have settled it behind the court so that the public doesn't know anything.

What's your take on this situation? Are you rooting for either party?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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