Remembering Him

Hello everyone!

Happy father's day!

To celebrate father's day, I am writing a post about the best hero in my life, my father.

My father passed away 11 years ago and not a single day I forget about him. We as a whole family still visit him every once in a while and we always keep him in our prayer.

Due to privacy reason, I choose not to disclose my father's name and photo.

My father was a businessman. He has a passion in engineering, and he eventually made a company manufacturing plastic items and stationary. He started small by working with my grandpa fixing machine and automobile back then.

He is a very brave man. He was diagnosed with Diabetes, and he never let diabetes rule his life. He was still working as hard, he still be a great father for all his 4 children, and he inspires people battling with diabetes, up until now.

My father is a life role model. He is honest, he never scared to speak up, he is a risk-taker, he is disciplined, hardworking, and he taught his children to be one as well.

When I was small, my father loves to go to the highland. He always take his whole family to the highland and lets us play there, relaxing, taking the time off from the busy city we live in.

He finds it calming to feel the cold weather and seeing the serene nature landscape!

He passed away 11 years ago. It was hard for all of us, we thought we could never overcome this sadness. But time told us differently. Separation with him reminds us to take care of each other better. His value, memory, and idea always live with us.

Happy father's day, everyone!

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