SKETCH Meetup : What’s Next in 2020 Event Review

On Friday 20th December, I attended an event at DiGi Telecommunications HQ : SKETCH meetup!

There are three expert talks on this event, which are covered by : Jet Choy (VP design, engineering, and product of Astro) Randy Hunt (Head of Design at Grab), and Jan Takacs (CX design lead at Accenture Interactive). I am super glad that I attended this event! I’ll explain why.

Designers at Snappymob

I went to the event with some fellow designers in the company I am working at now. It was so kind of my senior designer to actually fetch us all to the event! Our boss was also very supportive by letting us leave earlier so that we can attend the event with less traffic jam. How cool is that!

DiGi HQ Canteen area. Image credit : DiGi

So we arrived at DiGi and lo and behold, they have SUCH a beautiful office! What I love the most is that their canteen (It is the place we eat, but I don’t know what they call it!), because we face like a hill and the breeze was amazing. I am a pretty outdoor person, so it was a bliss for me.

The event started at 7:30 , opened by the first speaker Jan letting us know his view of what design trend in 2020 would be.

Jan Takacs from Accenture Interactive

I am amazed by his insight and his presentation slide design. It is so industrial, so modern, love it!

So here’s some notes that Jan said about the trend in 2020 :

1. Making profit is not the measure of success. A company has to resonate with a movement or cause to also create success. More people would follow and support companies with a good reason/cause behind their product.

2. Design is more about cooperation and no longer about competition. It is now not needed anymore to say “I am better than you” , whether company wise, or personally. 2020 is the time to collaborate and say “If we work together we can make it better”

3. Digital world is going to get more advanced and there is a great risk behind it (e.g. digital products can have a copy of ourselves, digitally. So they know what we like, what we want to hear, etc!)

4. Generally, being nice is a trend in 2020!

And after that we got the second speaker, Jet!

I love how his slide is very pink and pop. Very Astro! So some of Jet’s insight about the trend in 2020 is :

1. Speed is key. Because fast-everything makes lower bounce rate and higher engagement.

2. Companies are looking for better outcome with the least money spent. So as a designer, we have to work smarter in order to find out a greater way to minimise cost and improve result.

Chatbot is no longer cool as it is expensive to maintain and it does not give any satisfaction for the user.

3. Justifying dark mode. More people would want a dark mode and many more designers will have to think harder on how to justify it as it is not as simple as change the color.

The last speaker is Randy. He gave us insight about how Grab’s approach to design, which I find so interesting!

Randy Hunt from Grab

Some of Randy’s insight about 2020 design trends are :

1. Writing will be a major hit. And one interesting point that he said is that writing is actually a form of design as well.

2. Tools will evolve and shape the way we design

3. Design system will be out of trend and what’s more important is just communication between the team members. Why design system is out of trend in 2020 ? Because it is costy to create, to maintain the application, and it might not be flexible to apply in the long run.

Randy had also recommended some books , like:

“The Timeless Way of Building” by Christopher alexander and “Tools : Extending Our Reach” by Sara McCarthy.

The event ended with about 8 lucky draws! It was such a huge improvement as the last SKETCH meetup I attended have 2 lucky draws and the first Meetup I attended has 1. After the lucky draw, we head back home (yes, we skipped the networking!).

My opinion about this event :

This is a really great event with high calibre speakers to share to either beginners or experts about UI/UX Design. I think that all level of UI/UX Designers can join this event! For the ticket price that is free, this event is so worth it. So there is basically no reason for you not to join this event 😉I truly recommend everyone who is interested or are already in UI/UX field to join.

The next time you join a SKETCH Meetup, remember to say hi to me 👋

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