Stampede Makers #3 : Unpacking Product Design | Event Takeaways!

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On 24th August 2019, I joined a workshop/seminar/talk about Product Design, organised by Stampede, a user experience and digital creative agency.

In this talk, there are two speakers who shared their experience and knowledge, Wu Han Ngeow, VP of UX at iProce Group and Fadzlina Fuad, Product Designer at Stampede.

I gained a lot of insights from this talk and enjoyed it so much! I even feel that the time I spent there passed so fast and wish the speakers have more time to speak and answer participants' questions lol!

(all images are credit to STAMPEDE Makers)

How the event goes 💪

I arrived there on time, just right when there's the event opening by Zoe from Stampede and then she presented the first speaker, Wu Han.

The first talk goes about 45mins and then there is a Q&A session for about 15 minutes.

It is straight followed by the second speaker, Fadzlina Fuad, with the same amount of time and with Q&A session as well.

Before and during the event, light snack is provided as well as drinks.

There are some boards for the participants to interact with, there is also a job board on one side to post your name card if you are looking for job or open for opportunity!

Oh, and not to mention, from the beginning of the event, participants are encouraged to take a selfie and post it on social media with a hashtag and they get the chance to win a FREE BOOK about lean UX! (Sadly, I didn't win, I didn't even participate lol)

If you missed the event , don't worry cause I will share a bit of the takeaways from this event.

1. Three types of Product Designers

Presentation by Wu Han Ngeow

a. Process Designer : They focus on the PROCESS of the product and design a better way to make the process more seamless and easier/faster. Example : a process on how end user buy flight ticket.

b. Interface Designer : Interface designers focus on what the name, the interface. They are the designer that handles the pixels, the color coordination, the look and feel to support an intuitive intangible product. example : the designer for the interface of a website that is used to sell flight ticket.

c. System Designer : NOT to be confused with PROCESS designer. System designer designs the entire system which include a lot of different processes. Example : a flight ticket purchase system. This may involve different sub-product for the airline company, the end buyer, the operator, or anyone who might have to interact with this service.

2. What are the activities in Design Sprint?

Q&A session answered by Fadzlina Fuad

Day 1 : Problem Day

>Define the goal, the users, the problems you are trying to solve by making this product

Day 2 : Solution Day

>What are the solutions for the issues in the day one?

Day 3 : Storyboard Day

>Make a storyboard on how the process is from the beginning towards the end.

Day 4 : Prototyping Day

>Create the prototype

Day 5 : Testing Day

>test it and see how's the performance

And the cycle may continues until the product is good to go!

4. What are the difference between UI/UX Designer and Product Designer?

Q&A session answered by Wu Han Ngeow

There should not be a difference and there should not be a line drawn between these two titles. Both are problem solvers and there is no need to differentiate one and another.

5. How do you argue with Developers?

Q&A session answered by Wu Han Ngeow

Wu Han never argue with any developer team. He only got rid of the bad developers.

(wow, okay!) Arguing is part of the problem that you, product designers should solve.

6. As a product designer, which side should you align with, the company, user, or the developer?

Q&A session answered by Wu Han Ngeow and Fadzlina Fuad

Based on both speakers' answers, you have to gauge with the project. Different project has different decision to side with but you should make a balance to side with all three of them. The product should be good for the user, the business, and make sense to develop by the developer/engineering team. However, Wu Han added that generally, it is good to align with the business because if you can help to make the business make more profit , it may bring forth a better solution for the user and developer side.

7. Books or podcasts recommended by the Speakers.

You should really check out Lean UX: Designing Great Products with Agile Teams by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden and Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days by Jake Knapp . Fadzlina also recommended that on Spotify, you can listen to Dunia Dalam Desain podcast

In general, most information presented in this talk revolves around the soft skills as a product designer, the speakers' experience and point of view, and not that much of theories and UX laws or principles as this is also what are most often asked by participants.

It is a really great event to hear the experts' experience and network with another designers as this is a fun and casual event.

If you are looking for an event about UI/UX or product design that is mostly introductory, go follow/like STAMPEDE and never miss out the next time they organize an event!

Psst, I heard they will have another event like this EVERY TWO MONTHS!

See you in my next blog 🥰

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