Tokopedia Landing Page Redesign Project

Hullo and welcome back to my blog post!

This time, I am going to explain further about my latest personal project to redesign Tokopedia's landing page. Yep, this is gonna be a long one.

To start off, I am redesigning this project from the buyer's perspective without minimising the selling experience in Tokopedia. All the information presented here is a representation of buying experience with a little bit of selling experience information to back up the buying experience information.

1. About Tokopedia is the biggest eCommerce platform website in Indonesia (as the time of this writing). Mind you that on top of Tokopedia there is facebook, twitter, youtube etc. Tokopedia was built in 2009 and had big and major transformation since. It is also the startup with the third biggest value in south east Asia, as they are worth USD 7mil. Tokopedia was led by William Tanuwijaya as the CEO and they are backed with huge investor groups such as Alibaba and Softbank.

2. Their strength and weakness

Strength :

+Huge and fast growth

+Great customer service

+Fast pay-out for seller

+Wide variety of sellers that can offer the rarest item with the cheapest price

+Sellers can use the platform free of charge but there is an option to pay for premium

Weakness :

-Weirdly, sellers can't use their Tokopedia balance to pay for items if they buy on the app.

-It is tempting to buy cheap items from sellers in Tokopedia that has minimum verification that you might end up with broken item and that refund is still up to the seller to decide. This makes buying not secure enough.

-Their free shipping promotion is pretty rare compared to other competitor platform.

-Minimum verification whatsoever of the item in Tokopedia. I found a government controlled medicine sold there, which could be dangerous to some people especially drug abusers. God knows what other illegal items are waiting to be uncovered there.

3. Competitor Analysis

As an ecommerce platform in Indonesia, Tokopedia stand as a competitor to these other platforms, such as :

a. JD.ID

b. Shopee

c. Bukalapak

Below Tokopedia, there is on the 12th place.

Shopee is a fairly new ecommerce player from Singapore under Sea Group. Although they were found in 2009, they only got launched in 2015 but has since gained massive growth in many other countries. Their major strength is the free shipping promotion which is still available up until now. You can enjoy this privilege when you shop in a fairly low amount in most shops (different shops have different min. requirement to enjoy free shipping). Shopee is the most popular among women in Indonesia, therefore buying womens items in Shopee might be a good choice. Their weakness is the charge placed upon the sellers. Some sellers are not happy with this charge and especially since Shopee may have a very slow payout time, which happened to some sellers.

Shopee also has their own delivery system which guarantee the buyer who resides in the same city as the seller to receive the item up to 24 hours upon purchase.

The next competitor is Bukalapak, on 18th position.

Bukalapak is a revolutionary ecommerce platform in Indonesia which highly encourage even small players to open a shop there and sell anything they want. They go beyond to educate small players to open a shop in their platform as well as refining their system so even digital illiterate sellers can understand how to use Bukalapak well. This profits both sides, as customers can also find the rarest items with the cheapest price available. However, their weakness is that the huge number of all round players there makes it risky if you are looking for legit and good product.

4. User Reviews

These are the questions I asked the participants in this project.

1. How often do you use Tokopedia?

Never, rarely, sometimes, often

2. How often you straight click on the search bar?

Never, rarely, sometimes, often

3. How often you browse the homepage?

Never, rarely, sometimes, often

4. How easy for you to search for an item in Tokopedia?

very easy, easy, neutral, difficult, very difficult

5. What is the challenge of finding an item in Tokopedia?

(free answer, state none if there's none)

Sample data:

4 female, 1 male, young adult to adult age 25 to 31.

Lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Lower medium to medium income.

Regardless a Tokopedia buyer or not.

Result :

2/5 often use Tokopedia

2/5 sometimes use Tokopedia

1/5 never uses Tokopedia

4/5 often clicks the search bar straight away

1/5 never clicks on the search bar

2/5 sometimes browse the homepage

1/5 rarely browse the homepage

2/5 never browse the homepage

3/5 users find it easy to search for an item in Tokopedia

1/5 user answered neutral.

1/5 user finds it difficult to search for an item in Tokopedia

and the free answer on number 5 :

1 person commented about promoted listing on search result page makes them had to scroll so much

1 person commented that she often forgot the item's name

1 person commented about having to look one by one the seller's location and wish Tokopedia automatically sort from the nearest distance.

1 person commented that a little bit of misspelling on the item's name leads to bad result

1 person commented that he just asks his wife to buy items for him as he doesn't understand how Tokopedia works.

5. The Hypothesis

My hypothesis is that if I create a homepage with more relevant information,

buyers might visit the homepage more instead of going straight to the search bar and might get what they are looking for without even clicking the search bar.

6. The design

This is the reconstruction of what I think a better homepage with more relevancy and less redundancy.

So here are the changes I did and the explanations why :

1. On the Desktop version, I removed many of the left side links and replaced with promotions that Tokopedia wanted to push. This is because that link can be accessible when user hover the top right section where their name and (if any) shop is written so there is no need to put two same items repeatedly.

2. On the Desktop version, I add the QR Code readily accessible for the user to scan, so no need to click and get the QR Code, it encourages the user to download the app.

3. On both versions, I put relevant informations first then only the somewhat relevant one that user might be interested in. It can be generated as in this section : Free shipping > Below Rp100k or with more categories such as Nearest listing, mot selling. Anything that interests user but somewhat relevant instead of something generic yet totally irrelevant.

4. More prominent chat button on the desktop version.

5. More prominent search button to direct users more.

6. No more rows and rows of listings generated each time user scrolls. It is too much irrelevancy and it disallows user to go to the footer links.

7. Promotions highlighted by Tokopedia such as the official shop push and Top Up will be inserted in between each row of listings category so when users are scrolling thru the relevant information, they will see this promotions instead of being bombarded with promotions right away which makes some users do not want to bother the homepage in the first place. I want the user to see the relevant informations in the first screen without scrolling.

To see the complete project image including the before and after, click here!

Thank you so much for your attention!

Please let me know if there is anything I did that I could improve further as I would love to hear your feedbacks!

This project is not paid by Tokopedia at all, this is purely my opinion on how they can be better. I hope you guys love it

See you guys next time!

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