Ui/Ux Case Study Format : How I Make/Write Case Study

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Hello guys! How are you? I hope you are well!

In this article I wanted to talk about how to make or write case study of a Ui/UX Design.

What is case study?

According to Google Dictionary, case study is a process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time. Simply put in this context, case study is a way to analyze or research an existing Web or app project and then use that to develop that particular project more (a.k.a make it better!)

I am also learning just like you are , so if I were wrong, please do correct me!

Making case study of a UI/UX Design is a great way to improve your critical thinking and Ui/Ux skill. You can case study ANYTHING. Actually I think UI/UX is not just for app or web, UI/UX is in our everyday life. It is in the toilet, it is in the shop, it is in the parking lot. I see anything that uses design to project the desired experience on some people is a UI/UX.

But for the purpose of this context, let's just focus on web/app :)

Step 1. Define

Define the project. Example, if you were to define Lazada's App, define Lazada as a company or product. What do they do, what do they offer, etc. The more comprehensive, the better. Sometimes I like to also talk about their history, what they used to be, how their app design used to be and put a hypothesis why they changed the previous ones.

Step 2. Competitor

Who is their competitor? Provide the screenshot or even better the video of their app in your report as well and analyze the competitors as well

Step 3. Compare

Compare the competitor and the project you are working on, see what's the difference your project vs them. See how your project sit in the relating topic, as for an example, is your project in the 4th position of the most downloaded app in the eCommerce industry?

Step 4. Reviews

Ask few people (I think 10 sample size is a good enough) to be your volunteer. Give them a scenario, for example : buy a face cream in this app. Record their experience in doing the scenario and then ask them few questions such as : What do you feel when doing the scenario? What was the challenge?

You can also collect some reviews you found on the App Store or Play Store, but do note that some comments could be biased ( as in, they are from the competitor company trying to take down this company ), so check thoroughly for each reviews if they are authentic from real user and non biased. I still prefer asking people though.

Step 5. Theory

Gather some theories or a theory to get you started. Find what the expert in UI/UX Design say about how to achieve a great UX design. For example, Jakob Nielsen's 10 Heuristics for User Interface Design is a well-known one! Next, apply it in your project. From here, you might find the weak spots that you can improve or the good spot that you can keep.

Step 6. Get designing.

Now here is the time to apply all that knowledge to design!

Make a wireframe just like how you always do when you were about to design an app/web. Sketch some idea, and then transfer that into your app/web designing software and get creative! (this is my favorite part!)

Step 7. Publish it.

I usually like to publish it in Behance. But usually when I publish it, I more likely publish a little bit info and more visuals to keep the audience entertained and not too boring with data and data. You can try uploading it to if you prefer more text. But rule of thumb of publishing it anywhere, keep it simple and straight to the point. I think uploading to is also a good idea!

Yay! Case study done!

Did I miss any step? Please let me know! I am just sharing my knowledge here, I am also learning just like you guys. So, I am always open for discussion, just leave a comment down below

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