[UPDATED!] Using Adobe Older Version Software is Illegal Now

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This just in,

Adobe told their user with a notice that using older version of their software is illegal and you might be be sued by the third party.

I am actually planning to install the first version of Photoshop and have a little fun with it, but I guess that would be illegal now lol.

Basically, people over the internet are not happy with it.

Adobe just increased their subscription fee a little over a week ago and now, this.

Adobe's response

Personally, I have nothing against this. Adobe is the owner and they can do whatever with it. If the user is unhappy, do not subscribe, right? Yeah I get it.

Don't get me wrong, I think Adobe has awesome softwares and I think people should pay for it just as much as we want clients to pay artists.

However, I think user preference should still be a free option to anyone.

There might be a reason why older version is illegal now. Something deeper.

Let me know your take on this issue! Are you still continuing the subs?


I just heard from another artist about what does this mean. But I still can't confirm if this is right. What do you guys think?


Turns out, the reason is because there is Dolby asset in older Adobe products (not sure which exactly but it includes Premiere pro, AE, Lightroom) and therefore, if you use it, you might get lawsuit from Dolby! Apparently, Adobe has a court dispute with Dolby. Oops, I hope this resolves quickly!

Apparently our friend up there is right!

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